Friday, December 11, 2009


Still need to take Ambien on Thursday nights, evidently! Got about four hours of sleep last night...not good. So next week, continuing to perfect the formula: dex before bed on Tuesday, Ambien (or Tylenol PM) on Wed and Thursday nights. Should do the trick!

Still can't shake this damn cold...two weeks today and counting. But it isn't worsening and appears to be on its way out, just taking forever!


  1. Some colds simply hang on longer than others -even for non-cancer individuals. I have one that started just as sniffles and now after a week of having an earache, sore throat (first on the left side and now on the right) and congestion so plenty of coughing, I am STILL waiting for signs I have turned the corner. I know how frustrating it is to not have that road sign, but I'm intending for both of us that today is the day we see a sign that says "Turn Here!" and we are both feeling better and better each day from now on!!!

  2. Hi Nick. I've been playing guitar for quite a while (since I was 11, 35 now) and recently discovered Redemption when looking for some new music to explore, particularly of the progressive rock/metal genre. I loved the songs I sampled on iTunes and bought your two recent albums and am loving them...absolutely fantastic stuff. I'm always listening to them as part of the mix on my iphone. I googled you to learn more about what you've been up to when I found this site. I'm sorry to see that you're going through this, but you seem to have a great attitude and this will help a lot. Please stay positive, keep focused, and get well. Best, Michael (ala Stanford University, San Fran, CA)

  3. Hi Nick, Snowfall on Judgment Day is certainly your best to date. I'm surprised, shock, moved, amazed, amuzed and all kinds by your different experiences. I discovered your disease and your extraordinary 'day job' on Dutch Progressive Rock Page. I went through this blog a little bit. You wrote so much!!! How did you get energy to do it? You didn't mention the recording the album. From the band website and your interviews available on the net, it's like nothing has happened! I really want to know how you record this album. Did you write the lyrics before or after the diagnosis?

    Anyways, Rock On and Merry Christmas! \m/

  4. Hi Nick,

    You haven't posted in awhile. Hope everything is O.K. I wish you, Jill and the family good health, happiness and a Merry Christmas.
    Your friend,

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