Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh, and thanks to Sean J for the Magnesium tip!

FYI, I have been trying to keep hydrated and also take magnesium for the leg cramps...and so far, so good. A couple of false alarms last night, mostly because I wasn't fully hydrated (a few glasses of wine earlier in the evening, plus coming off Dex and peeing everything out, equals not that hydrated).

But I'm pleased to say I've been taking ZMA at the suggestion of my friend Sean. This contains Zinc, Magnesium and some Vitamin B. It's frequently used by bodybuilders to increase testosterone (need this!), rebuild muscle mass (need this) and whatever the Vitamin B will help combat neuropathy and the Magnesium -- so far, anyhow -- appears to be keeping the cramps away.

I'm keeping it up -- three big-ol horsepills every night. But so far, so good!

Sorry to drop off the face of the Earth!

Well, work has been very demanding for the last two weeks. It is good to be back and fully engaged, but it has been a constant stream of work from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep for about two weeks now. Not so stressful as to induce illness -- I'm doing a good job of managing that. But it is certainly time consuming! So my apologies, dear readers, for not getting back on here sooner.

I think of my friend WB, who is done with induction and appears to be doing very well! I have that white blood count graph I've been meaning to post for two weeks now...forgive me, Bill, I'll get it there soon! And then I'll move on to electrolytes since you'll be going through your transplants soon and you'll want to see how that all shakes out!

Kathy Giusti of the MMRF lamented to me that she got every cold in the world when she was on Revlimid. I contrasted this with a person I met in Arkansas -- who was nice enough to buy the wife and me some lunch without knowing who we were, which was followed by a very nice conversation. That person said they never got sick any longer.

I am thinking both may be true. I am thinking that once I go off Revlimid, I might have a spiffy immune system. I also think, however, that Revlimid's purpose is to suppress the immune system and it does a damn good job because I HAVE MY THIRD CHEST COLD IN FOUR MONTHS and it's getting VERY, VERY OLD. I literally just got over the last one three weeks ago and I've got it again.

I am doubling up on Tamiflu and also taking Augmentin, which CR prescribed for me to knock out the bacterial aspects of the bronchitis. Seems to be helping. We'll see how long it takes me to get through this. On Tuesday I will get a look at my blood counts. My WBC was only 3.0 last Monday; pretty low! I wonder if it has spiked to get rid of what ails me?

More news this week, I promise. Be well everyone!