Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day +7

White counts remained at 0.02. Platelets fell to 12(!!) so they infused me with some more to bring it up north of 20. I guess that makes a difference at some level (honestly at 12 I was afraid I was going to get internal bleeding in my backside just from sitting down on something) but it still seems very low. All the other chemistry numbers are pretty good, although the liver is still irritated from the Fluconazole that I took ten days ago (or from chemo, perhaps). CRP crept up to 11 but that's still quite low, and I have no fever or other indications of anything wrong, so everything is in good shape. I expect CRP to increase due to hematopoesis (per BB's observation last time) so I won't be surprised if that comes up. Meanwhile, hopefully my white counts and platelets will start to recover soon -- I'm getting tired of the neupogen shots, which burn quite a bit (though they hurt less in the arm than in the belly...good to know for next transplant).

I feel pretty good, all things considered, although I felt better yesterday with the news on the tumor markers. So in this little controlled experiment, when all the labs are the same from day one to day two and the only independent variable is news about the treatment working, it's proof positive that good news makes a difference. :)

Jill is getting to see the kids tomorrow, which is great. My brother Pete is coming to relieve her for the weekend -- I'm afraid he's in for an (even more) boring time this weekend as I can't leave the apartment, basically. I'm sure we'll manage.