Monday, May 16, 2011

Dateline: Arkansas

Hello folks. Sitting in a hospital bed waiting for my bone marrow team to show up. Figured this was as good a time as any for an update.

I was all set to fly out yesterday from LA but due to some last minute changes in travel, I forgot that I was no longer flying out of the same airport. Thus, I went to the wrong airport. I then had to scramble to find sn alternative but eventually made it into Little Rock around 11PM.

This morning, I had a minor victory when I went directly to the infusion center and had them access the port for the blood work. I ran into JB and her husband B, who has not yet started on the natural killer cells. Evidently the trial only permits one person per month and ine guy got in front of B. Meanwhile B was been put in Pomalidomide (next-gen Revlimid). They see BB tomorrow. Meanwhile we are going to hopefully have lunch tomorrow.

I then went over to the Myeloma institute where I saw BB's Ducati outside the main entrance. I almost snapped a picture. :)

After a quick consultation with CR and a quick visit with BJ (hopefully BB, his wife, BJ and I will have dinner this evening) I made my way over to the outpatient clinic.

Not much more to report yet, but I did want to mention one humorous (sort of) thing. One of the young nurses in the myeloma clinic who used to give me grief about getting conscious sedation for the bone marrow biopsy got into the elevator with me. I asked how the storms that have ravaged the south these last few weeks had impacted Arkansas (there are been tornados, for example).

She said everybody was okay but their barn was damaged and her husband's work was disrupted. He is, I was told, a taxidermist.

I have a vision now of a man running from a small funnel cloud populated with the swirling carcasses of dead squirrels and possums....

More news when I get my labs and MRI results back later this week.