Friday, February 6, 2009

A lousy day

They can't all be good ones, I suppose.

We got all our Trust and Will stuff taken care of, and I did our taxes and am trying to get the decks cleared so I can focus. Meanwhile, the idea of being separated from our kids is causing real problems for us, especially Jill, and these problems are placing a real strain on our relationship, which in turn is placing a great deal of physical and emotional stress on me. I'm popping Tums like they are candy -- I *never* get stomach pains but I feel like I'm getting an ulcer.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Meanwhile I'm looking into private nursing options in the event that Jill won't be able to be with me the whole time.

The apartment we're looking at renting is not cheap, but it costs about the same for a month as a hospital room does for a day. Of course CIGNA doesn't see it that way. I'm preparing to appeal and hoping common sense will prevail over policy. I've also let the folks at Disney know since they are the payor and can theoretically override whatever decision CIGNA makes.

I'm supposed to hear from BB this evening at some point to get things scheduled; failing that I guess we'll speak on Monday, or perhaps over the weekend.

It's hard to stay positive. But I'm sure I'll bounce back.