Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Curetalk panel coming up on the 28th

Hello friends!

First, Alice Cooper never called me so I'm guessing those biopsies were negative.

Second, the Velcade is definitely causing the hair loss.  I stopped it for three weeks and the hair started thickening again and I felt better.  However, for reasons I will discuss in an upcoming blog, I'm going to keep with the Velcade, I think...lots to report on statistics and what not, not all of it great.

But, having said that, I'm still in complete remission as of my labs today -- everything looks good.

And so rather than kvetch, I wanted to let you know of my upcoming participation on another panel put together by my friends at Curetalk.  My other panelists and I will be answering questions about how we deal with therapy, side effects, and our condition.  I've seen some of the questions that have been submitted and it should be a very, very interesting discussion.

You need to register to participate and I think it's limited to 50 callers.  You can register at the link below, and a description of the panel follows.

I hope some of you can join us!


Myeloma Cure Panel Talk Show on Thursday 28 February 2013 @ 6pm EST.

This February our Myeloma Cure Panel is going to be a complete patient oriented panel, an ‘ONLINE SUPPORT GROUP DISCUSSION’
A chance for patients, caregivers and their families to call-in and ask questions of our experienced patient panel including,
Not sure how to deal with all of the wondering and waiting?  When is it time to seek a second opinion?  What makes up an effective healthcare team?  How to cope with taking dexamethasone?  What can I do to help my peripheral neuropathy symptoms?
Cure Talk is proud to present an hour dedicated to answering your myeloma questions.  Please send in your myeloma questions to be answered by our experienced panelists on Cure Panel Talk Show - Pat Killingsworth, Nick van Dyk, Gary Petersen, and Sandy Hirsch