Thursday, December 10, 2009

A gold star for Tim's wife!!!!!

So I took the Dex before bed on Tuesday night and slept like a rock -- for about six hours, anyhow. Then I woke up, ready for bear! Made it through Wednesday with high energy, took an Ambien before I went to bed Wednesday night (no Tylenol PM on hand), got another six hours. By far the best I've slept since I've been on Dex in maintenance.

Taking Dex before bed is a winning strategy! Thanks Tim's Wife! :)

Still fighting off this cold...will be two weeks with it tomorrow but it is on the way out. The lingering cough is a real pain, though!

Platelets were below 100 on Tuesday -- 98 to be precise. This required the nurse to check with the doctor before administering the Velcade. She asked me if Arkansas would have a problem administering the Velcade. I told them Arkansas would have a problem NOT administering the Velcade, and would give it to me if my platelets were at EIGHT, much less 98! I checked with Arkansas to see if I should eliminate all the aspirin. I'm on one a day, still. I don't know the connection between deep vein thrombosis, plateles and aspirin, but it seems to me if the aspirin is to thin the blood, the low platelets probably mean I can discontinue it. One less pill would be a good thing!