Monday, November 23, 2009

Dr. Evil stole my mojo, continued

Hello folks! PG-13 rated post here.

I had a visit today with Dr. SS, a urologist, about the testosterone situation. Without belaboring things too much, I can report that I successfully avoided another digital rectal exam, and that I've now seen ultrasounds of my privates. Interesting.

Long story short:

* Lack of mojo is not good. How can I put this delicately...the factory is still making widgets, and if none of the widgets ever get packed up and shipped out of the warehouse, the warehouse can get clogged up pretty bad. Not good! Shipments need to occur with greater frequency.

* Dex is a culprit, as is Revlimid. Basically a double-whammy. I have a textbook case of lost mojo, in the words of Dr. SS.

* I have normal blood flow, good kidneys, bladder, etc. so there's nothing physiologically wrong with anything.

* I have a battery of blood tests tomorrow to check for different things, and assuming they are normal, I will be treated probably with a testosterone patch, rather than injections. Basically, Barry Bonds here I come. This should help with mojo, and also help arrest the muscle wasting effects of Dex as well.

More news as events merit. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!