Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day + 10

Well, I tip my hat to my fellow sufferer that made it out of the hospital in 10 days. I didn't quite get there, but that's okay!

Today's tale of the tape: white count at 0.5, hemoglobin at 8.4, platelets at 16 (I needed another bag today), CRP at 28, and potassium and magnesium in normal levels. That translated to a quick trip to the hospital, all things considered (the platelets infuse in about 10 minutes).

The Neupogen injections are getting old -- and my back and head hurt from them, but this is temporary. Hopefully by Wednesday I will have an immune system again, and then we can see when I can get back to LA for a couple of weeks between transplants.

More news as it develops.