Sunday, September 5, 2010

Calling all homeopaths...or, Peruvian mojo powder?

A friend of mine was talking about something called Maca powder.  It's evidently a root similar to a radish grown in the Andes.  And apparently it is very potent stuff.  Many benefits but chief among them promotion of libido.  And there are legitimate scientific studies in both lab animals and humans that prove this out.

Of course all the hippie dippie websites that promote herbal remedies likewise promote this particular thing.  However I'm willing to consider this one provided it (a) works and (b) doesn't conflict with any of the cancer therapies I am on.  I'm prepared to accept item (a) above as a given (or in any rate, I would find out quickly) but item (b) remains an issue.  I will ask BB and crew about that next week but in the off chance anybody here knew anything, I thought I'd mention it.

Other questions for BB and his crew next week: what's with this residual bone pain, how does the MRI look, how are long-term revlimid studies looking (BB is testing whether or not continuing with Revlimid in lower dosage after the three years of initial maintenance are over is beneficial), and what is the latest thinking on re-immunization.

Anybody else think of anything I should ask?  :)

Hope you are enjoying your weekends!