Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mini update

Today began with somebody wanting to do a punch biopsy on one of the lesions on the back of my right hand, which they have already scraped for pathology three times. I finally put my foot down and said I would be happy to submit but only after I understood why. I have been sitting here for almost two days now with an IV full of antibiotics and antivirals that have done nothing. The lesions have now shown up on my feet as well as my hands. They look like red dots that range from a pinprick to maybe 3mm in diameter. My beloved Dr. PZ came by. He said he concurred with RV and the folks in Arkansas that it was likely vasculitis. In his very calm way (this is, after all, the guy that said "myeloma is a malignancy of the blood" four years ago) he said that vasculitis was an autoimmune disorder that was usually treated with steroids. The pattern of lesions doesn't match viral presentation, evidently. He explained the biopsy would affirm the vasculitis if it was positive. So I submitted. As for the biopsy itself, the lidocaine shot hurt quite a bit for a few seconds, and the biopsy itself was painless. They put a couple of stitches in as with my low platelets and unpredictable healing capabilities it was bleeding pretty profusely. My question, now, is this: what else could it be, and why not treat for vasculitis at this point so I can start getting better? The treatment for vasculitis is steroids (prednisone, which is about one fifth the strength of my not-so-beloved Dex). That much I can handle. If it doesn't respond to steroids, the treatment is Cytoxan, aka Cyclophosphomide, aka the C of the VTD-PACE chemo regimen that I have already had twice. I do not want more Cytoxan. I do not want it, Sam I Am. I do not want it on a train, I do not want I on a plane. I do not want it in a house, I do not want it with a mouse. I do not want it in my arm, I am concerned that I will harm. I rather like this hair of mine, it will not help repair my spine. Etc.