Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well.......crap. : (

So my back hurt all night long. I asked for (and was given) a copy of my labs this morning and there are a couple of numbers outta whack.

My white blood count is still at around 23.5, which is high but not unexpectedly so. The red counts are all low, again not unexpected. The real bummer is that the C-Reactive Protein (a measure of inflammation and infection) had been plummeting nicely and instead of continuing to fall, it's reversed directions on us. Normal is around 8-12; mine had been as high as 260 upon admission to hospital; was at 12 yesterday but today it's more like 30. PLUS I've got a bit of a fever.

I hope the pain in my back isn't an infection at the surgical site.

More to come as it arrives.