Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slow day...

I had difficulty sleeping last night because of back pain. Got up this morning and had to take some advil. It was a little better, but it still had a twinge. Jill ran to the store and the second she left, the fire alarm in the building went off. I tried to put my shoes on and tweaked the back...I had that same sick warm feeling that I had when I'd broken something. Then I had to walk down 11 flights of stairs, which was a bit of an exercise. False alarm. Somebody's possum casserole started smoking, evidently.

It hasn't gone away -- I thought it might be a side effect of Velcade but that's extremely rare. It's probably the Myeloma. It's a very good thing I am here...I was almost totally incapacitated today. Ugh.

Tomorrow...the bone marrow and the surgical installation of the central venous catheter. Then a test dose of Melphalan, and we pick up the Thalidomide. Ugh.

Nitey nite, folks.