Sunday, February 8, 2009

Film Therapy

So here I am, after virtually no sleep, depressed, feeling sorry for myself and lying in bed trying to watch TV.

I upgraded from Tums to Zantec after I wasn't able to sleep because of the pain in my stomach. It seems to be working a bit better, although I feel weak and nauseous. Maybe this is good training.

Anyhow, HBO was showing a film I'd always wanted to see and had heard plenty about but never seen...The Deer Hunter.

Watching this, it seems, was a mistake.

Bad enough that it's the most depressing film I think I've ever seen but the central character is a guy named Nick who blows his brains out.

I'm reminded of a time when a high school friend of mine had a bad experience with a girl and went into such a funk that he watched My Dinner With Andre for six days straight, over and over, with the only breaks for rewinding the VCR. I don't see how this could have improved his mood as after watching it only once, let along the 30 times he must have seen it, I wanted to jump out a window.

Anyhow...when in a bad mood, choose your flims wisely. I'm going to watch something lighthearted like The Seventh Seal next...I hear that somebody plays chess with BB's alarmist nurse in that film.

Thanks for the comments, emails and phone I said, this is a chronicle of my daily journey, not just the high points. I appreciate your support.