Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve

I'm dashing to prepare what has turned into a seven course meal (five courses for six people plus two additional dishes for one in our party who is allergic to shellfish). What have I gotten myself into!!! :)

So this will be quicker than I'd like.

It's been an extraordinary year. One marked by fear, despair, and pain...but also hope, faith, and love.

I have been so moved to have seen this community of support grow...I've mentioned this before but you each mean a lot to me.

I'm incredibly lucky that I had the time to research the disease, find BB, and put my trust in him.

And I look forward to a new year that begins with no disease, and ends the same way, as I march towards MRI remission and, hopefully, a formal statement of "you're cured, Nick."

I'm assembling some interesting charts on bloodwork that I'm resolving to publish here in the New Year. That's one good resolution that I think I can keep! We'll see what others pop up. But for now, it's time to eat a lot of food, drink a lot of wine, and celebrate the end of our Anno Horribilis.