Tuesday, February 23, 2010

IVIG to the rescue?

Got a call from one of the nurses at Arkansas today. I think she must have called the house first and spoken with Jill, who probably reported that I'm have a problem with these stupid flus / colds.

The nurse told me she spoke with BB who proposed I get an infusion of immunoglobulin. Basically beef up IgG with some donor cells. I'm all for it -- we'll keep my crummy, wants-to-produce-myeloma IgG suppressed and help it out with some better IgG.

I think that means more time in the chair, and side effects including headache, etc. etc. but frankly I gotta stop getting these chest colds!!

I am thankful for their proactivity in reaching out to me and recommending this course of action. Not something Dr. GD would have done on his own, I don't think. I love the aggressive bias-to-action approach that BB embodies.

Spoke too soon...

Lying on the couch watching some TV last night, all of a sudden a stabbing charlie horse in the bottom of my left foot. There must be something to being in a recumbent position that triggers these things because they don't happen when I'm walking around. Anyhow, I had potatoes with my dinner, had been drinking plenty of water, and have been on the Magnesium pills, so none of that is foolproof!

I will continue to monitor this and report back.