Friday, April 17, 2009

Day +8

Have hit the bottom and am ever so slightly creeping back up now. White count today was 0.03...very, very low but higher, after all, than 0.02. Platelets were only 16 so they gave me more. They are getting ready to give me a unit of blood, although I'm not yet in need of it. Otherwise chemistry looks good. CRP is 11.6, which is where it was yesterday...we anticipate a rise in this and a low-grade fever as blood counts go up. Hopefully in 3-4 days I'll be back to normal. Need to get there in two days to tie my fellow Myeloma patient blog reader who made it in 10! :)

Feeling pretty good other than just very tired. No more GI issues (actually been about three days), thank God! Now my only side effect is exhaustion -- and I can manage with that just fine.

Be well everyone!