Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Myeloma Cure Panel Discussion: Cure versus Control

Hello folks.

On Monday, October 29th, I will be participating in my second panel discussion organized by Curetalk, an organization that hosts a number of dialogues related to cancer therapies.  I spoke on one of these a few weeks ago and was going to post about it here but my comments were overtaken by other events that I wanted to cover.

At any rate, I'm going to participate next week along with some other panelists including fellow Myeloma blogger Pat Killingsworth.   The tantalizingly controversial topic is, as noted above, cure versus control.

After we tackle that, we will address other questions such as "which is the one true God?" and "the definitive, simple solution to lasting peace in the Middle East."

The conference call, which is free to join, is limited to 50 callers, all of whom can ask questions of the panelists.  I urge those of you interested to register through the following link.


For me, I'm very excited to participate in the discussion.  I will, however, be calling in from the airport in Las Vegas at the end of a much-needed mini-vacation.  I will try to find a quiet spot populated by people in the fetal position, listlessly searching their pockets for their once-full wallets.

In other news...Velcade Sub-Q has (thus far) the same side-effects as intravenous Velcade for me, with the added negative of painful bruising at the injection sites, reminiscent of Neupogen shots.  I am strongly considering switching back to IV Velcade -- they have to tap the port to check blood anyway...

Anybody have experience / thoughts on this?

Have a good week, everybody!