Thursday, June 24, 2010

Magnesium dosage worked well

Carl the Greenskeeper once extolled the virtues of Manganese (along with Cinch bugs) in maintaining the grass at Bushwood CC.  I'm not sure what Manganese does, but Magnesium certainly helped with the leg cramps.

I was as scared to go to sleep as one of those teens in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  On the advice of the good folks at UAMS, I should go to 800mg a day of Magnesium, but also check Magnsium levels.  I had been taking 400mg before and that seemed to be working; I was getting 500mg of Magnesium from the over-the-counter supplement ZMA, that also has zinc and amino acids in it. 

Anyhow, Jill was kind enough to pick up an array of tablets -- 500mg and 250mg.  I took one of each before bed and prepared for the worst.

Nothing.  I slept very soundly.

One never knows when these are going to strike but I will keep close tabs on them for others out there.  So things of note: the last one happened the day after I stopped Revlimid.  I also did not take Aspirin on the night without Revlimid.  I also did not take MetaNX that night either. 

Last night I took MetaNX and 750mg of Magnesium.  We will see how this works for the next month.