Friday, December 13, 2013

Myeloma panel with Dr. van Rhee of UAMS next Monday

Next Monday I am participating as a patient panelist on another Cure Talk call, hosted by the wonderful Priya Menon and the Cure Talk organization, which will feature Dr. van Rhee who is BB's head of research.

As of now, I plan on asking him about the current cure curves for TT3 and TT4 -- TT3 data is now 10 years out so the low risk patients should have achieved a true plateau is there is one.  The last data that was routinely spoken about was in a 2009 publication called "modeling for the cure" but that data has been pulled down.  Is this because the data did not hold up to longer-term study?  Or for a less distressing reason?  This reporter wants to know!

I'll also be asking very specifically about the monoclonal light chain that is believed by some to be a sign of disease eradication but could also be disease return.

It should be an interesting conversation -- all of the ones in which I've participated have been very enlightening.

The call is December 16th at 3PM pacific time, 6PM EST.   Registration and dial-in information is below for those interested.

Have a great weekend!

                   Dial-in:  718-664-6574