Thursday, September 25, 2014

Breaking the silence here!

Hello friends.

I apologize for keeping things so quiet here but I've been in a career transition and part of doing that given my medical condition is securing long term disability insurance, life insurance and other things of that nature.  While I remain in stringent complete remission and continue to hope that I have been cured, part of what I wanted to comment on in the wake of those published statistics would involve sharing my unease about the "lite" version of the protocol.  And I didn't want to be commenting on any lack of total confidence at a time that I was attempting to secure certain kinds of insurance during my employment negotiations.

Having now accepted the new position (I am leaving Disney to join the video game company Activision) and secured the insurance, I am free to comment here again, which I will do next week, starting with a recap of the outstanding call with Dr. Tricot that happened last week.

Thanks for your patience and for the emails of concern over the past few weeks as I sorted this out!