Thursday, November 28, 2013

Enough already! Or, be thankful and hugs your kids.

So here I am, busy not dying from cancer, when I almost died from an auto accident.

Near as I can tell (because I couldn't see anything) a truck with a flatbed / auto carrier ran into my left rear quarter panel hard enough to severely bend my rear axel, wreck the wheel and tire, activate the side air bag (which exploded with a force and sound that immediately deafened me) and spun my car counter-clockwise.  So I went from moving along no problem to being deaf and having the car spinning wildly out of control before I had any idea what was going on.  Then, as I was spinning, part of the same truck (near as I can tell) rammed full force into the passenger side of my car with enough force to knock me across three lanes of freeway traffic to come to rest facing the wrong way in the slow lane on the freeway.  All of this at 45 MPH, mind you.

Somehow, I walked away from this unscathed, other than deafness (hopefully temporary) in my left ear from the airbag going off and first degree burns on the back of my left arm and on my left side from the same airbag.

I might add, had the car flipped (which it certainly could have) I would have tumbled off this stretch of freeway over an 80 foot drop-off.

Then the driver of the truck -- which was the only other vehicle involved since no other cars were struck, miraculously -- drove away.  Nice guy.

Look, I realize my great great grandmother back in the old country spit in the eye of the village witch and invited a curse upon the family but ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES!!!   I'm not gonna beat supposedly incurable cancer just to die in a car accident, for Pete's sake!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  Not gonna lie, I'm half in the bag here already from a few mimosa and I envision spending the rest of the day in a bit of a haze so...this reporter is signing off.  : )