Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crampwatch 2010 continues...

Haven't had one of these in a long time.  Night before last I had a pretty sharp on that wasn't nearly as strong as others because it barely woke me from sleep...I couldn't determine if it was in the bottom of my foot or my right calf.  It lasted maybe 15 seconds and I was able to return to sleep.  My calf was sore when I woke later but it went away pretty quickly.

I missed two nights of magnesium -- last Friday and Saturday.  They are the only nights I have missed since upping my dose to 1000mg per day.  And this is also the first cramp I have experienced since that time.  It could be coincidence, or could be a delayed effect...I will hopefully not experience another so I cannot guarantee I'll have enough data to figure out the correlation with precision!!

Was awoken last night from heartburn, despite taking Pantoprazole before bed the last two nights.  This seems to be getting a bit worse over time, or at least bouncing around.  Dex is the culprit.  Sigh.