Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More phantom aches...

It's thankfully fading as I type this, but I awoke this morning with a dull pain (very minor, but I am attuned to these things) in my back. The ache is still there if I really focus on it -- it's about two inches to the left of my spine. I recall there being pains there during therapy, though I don't recall if it was the lesion or the vertebropasty that caused it.

Based on my conversation with GD yesterday, it seems unlikely that this is a recurrence. I remain immunofixation negative (although another test was done yesterday). And as GD points out, with recurrence, the pain generally worsens rather than goes away.

I am hopeful this can be dismissed with an MRI. I would prefer not to need to do another PET and God knows I don't want BB digging around with a Fine Needle Aspiration of these spots, which is probably where he will go with it. But if that's what is required, then I will submit to it.

More on this and other things of note as they develop.