Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My dreams of being Barry Bonds are over...


Got the news from the pee-pee doctor today. My testosterone is around 400. The end of normal is 250. I'm squarely in the normal range. All the other markers he tested for are likewise normal. I don't have any hormonal issues. Evidently there is no muscle-saving benefit from juicing me once my testosterone is already normal (I don't think I agree with this, given the success of certain baseball players, but whatever) and he is trepidatious about side effects, so he doesn't want to do anything.


Well...I could go anywhere with a host of jokes but at this point I'll keep my mouth shut.

Other bloodwork came back fine today. White count is up, mid 7s, in response to the cold I've got. Nice to see my marrow can still make the good guys. All other counts basically normal, with the continued situation of having more young white blood cells than old ones. That will be the case until I'm off Velcade.

Rotten Dex day. Throat is killing me. Wide awake...hoping the Ambien will work tonight!