Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where has the time gone??? Also, 4 is better than 2 + 2.

Sorry to have vanished here, folks.  Work flared up and I also found myself traveling to London for about a week, which was delightful other than the fact that I found myself working my normal 12 hour day on London time, followed by demanding calls from my boss in California that had me at it another 6 hours or so.  It was a pretty rough stretch but I did manage to see some friends, have some nice meals, and walk around one of my favorite cities.  The weather was great -- about 65 degrees (fahrenheit) and mostly sunny.

Anyhow, I'm back now, and will try to contribute with a bit more regularity!

I did want to point out that I made the switch -- inadvertently, due to running out of the large 500mg pills -- to 250mg pills of magnesium.  I take four of these, rather than two of the big ones.  They're the size of a plain ol' vitamin C pill versus the horse pills that are the 500mg versions.

The results on the GI tract appear to be a bit less extreme than the 500mg versions, so that's a good discovery and something to keep in mind.

In mojo news, I endured a particularly painful shot of testosterone in the gluteus maximus that stung like a mofo (not to be confused with mojo) for about ten days.  I had the residual ache from the bone marrow on the left side, and the sting from the shot (a first, after five months of no-big-dealness) on the right.  I felt like I needed one of those inflatable butt cushions to sit on.  The bigger issue was sleeping -- couldn't lie down on either side or roll over at all without it hurting.

Fortunately, it went away.  But today I have to go see the urologist again for another shot.  Even worse, I have to consult with him since its been six months.  "Consult with urologist" is a polite way of saying something probative (in the biological sense) is probably going to happen.  Gulp.

I also have purchased, but not yet taken, this Maca root stuff.  I'll ask the doctor about that today and hope to dissuade him from other aspects of the exam.