Monday, June 21, 2010

Alive, well (minus another chest cold), busy and apologetic!

Just wanted to drop by with no particular news other than to point out that I'm still here!   I have been buried in work, attempting to sell one of our assets while also preparing for our annual strategic planning offsite with our board.  Both of these things should come to a head soon and I can hopefully resume my project here whcih is the long-delayed posting of my detailed labs.  I do think this will be of interest to people now that (thankfully) the day-to-day of my care is mostly pretty boring.

I have managed to get sick yet again.  The provenance of the cold appears to be my adorable two-year-old.  It spend twelve hours as a sore throat, a day as a sinus infection and now is residing in my chest just like the many predecessors over the past six months.  I'm not sure what can be done other than to hit it as early as possible with Tamiflu and Augmentin (anti-viral and anti-biotic, respectively) and hope that takes care of it quickly. 

I have tried to get back into exercise, mostly just light jogging / walking.  I regret not taking steps to keep in better shape throughout treatment -- my broken back probably had something to do with that, actually.  But some of it is also just the massive tiredness that sets in with chemo.  My suggestion to those going down this path is to do everything you can to keep your energy and metabolism up.  With the chest cold, I'm going to have to curtail it again, unfortunately, but hopefully that will pass soon.

I'm very sorry to have been so long between posts, and I thank all of you again for following me!