Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The small magnesium pills...

...no longer are any easier to tolerate than the larger ones.  It's hard to get a decent night's sleep these days.  And yet, I suspect it's been at least two months since I had one of those horrible cramps so this is a small price to pay.

I have noticed, meanwhile (knock on wood) that it's been a while since I've had bronchitis.  My IgG remains suppressed, per the plan.  IgM is very slow to recover, seemingly, from the transplants.  It's been below 26, which is the low end of the test, for a year.  Whether it is 2 or 25, I'm not sure.  As for IgA, this has steadily gone up from transplants and is now in the low-normal range.  I will be graphing this shortly, along with a few other key graphs, as further information for those post-transplant.

Feeling good, other than tired.  All else goes according to plan.