Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lose weight now, ask me how!

Not Herbalife, folks.

I got a pretty nasty bug on Saturday.  Turned into a fever by Saturday afternoon.  Kept creeping up and eventually got close to 102, which is not good for anybody, much less for somebody in my delicate (i.e. immunosuppressed) state.  Thankfully I had no other symptoms -- no coughing, congestion, sinus issues, etc. -- oh, well, other than crippling diarrhea 10X an hour.  I took a couple of Tylenol to try to keep the fever down and called Arkansas.

They said not to be overly concerned, watch the fever, take TamiFlu twice daily and Levaquin (very powerful oral antibiotic) once daily.  My insurance doesn't like to cover TamiFlu, unfortunately, so that's a pricey pill but I'll fight insurance later -- right now I just wanted to feel better!

The fever abated but the GI issues persist.  At some point during all this, it dawned on me that the magnesium I take (which is ESSENTIAL in preventing those god-awful leg cramps) is the primary ingredient in the rocket fuel laxative that Arkansas prescribed at the beginning of my chemo.  Magnesium Citrate.  It's probably magnesium with a little lemon juice thrown in!  And I'm taking that, DAILY, in high dose (1000 mg) -- without even the benefit of lemon juice to cut it!

Add stomach flu to that and you can imagine what it's been like here.

But I've lost 10 pounds and my face almost looks like it did before I started on dex.

Sign me up for the stomach flu diet!

I'm feeling somewhat better today, drinking lots of water, and hoping I can keep the weight off and maybe even use this to kickstart further weight loss!