Thursday, June 18, 2009

Slow news week, folks...

Boy they take a long time with labs here. I still don't have all my results from LAST FRIDAY. I should get them tomorrow, along with (I hope) results from this last Tuesday's draw.

The only data I have is that IgG is 625. Except when Arkansas called me to do my "anything wrong with you we should know about" follow up call, they told me that they got labs back and it showed IgG at 680. Both numbers are good, but I don't understand the discrepancy so hopefully I will get that ironed out. It could be they ran the blood that was drawn and sent to them in test tubes, but they claimed they got it from SH's office in LA. Who knows?

I am on the fourth and final day of my dex, which is a good thing -- legs swelling up, eyes puffy and unable to focus, etc. Horrible stuff, this. But it should help continue to kill off the cancer, along with the thalidomide I am taking (and which I am supposed to continue daily for the next three weeks).

Will post more when I get labs, hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks to all who have contacted me recently for various reasons, whether welcoming me home, setting up a time to get together, or letting me know that my blog has been helpful in treatment decisions (I've heard from St. Louis, Australia, and Europe in the last several days)! This really keeps me going and I'm very thankful for any ability to help any of you along the way. Keep strong and let's beat this damn thing, all of us!!!