Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to me...

I don't have too much to report, but I turn 44 today, which is now officially over the lower limit of the 3-5 year life that I was told by at least one doctor I could expect when I was diagnosed at the age of 40.

I'm pleased he was wrong.

Time -- and the next MRI -- will tell where I am in terms of being pronounced "cured" and whether or not I can discontinue therapy.  But so far, so good.

My finger is still messed up but healing, albeit slowly.  I now wear a simple band aid covering what is left of the wound.

I'm watching a rather dreary webcast of some recent Myeloma research that, as many Myeloma discussions do, treats recurrence as inevitable.  I'm pleased my doctor doesn't subscribe to this point of view.

Life is good.  I'll be glad when I can get off these meds, and I can rebuild some muscle and lose a bit of weight and get some energy back.  But life is good indeed.

I hope you all have great weekends!