Thursday, June 11, 2009

Attention Junior Sigmund Freud club...

As Frank would say, I had a "real swinger of a dream" last night. That's a line of dialogue from the utterly brilliant Manchurian Candidate. It's also, I think, the only line in there that dates it. But Francis Allen Sinatra delivers it with such earnestness that it still works.

I've had a lot of trouble with this dry cough. Seems when the white blood cells come up after being next to nothing, they kick into high gear to clean up anything that might be going on in the body. The cough always comes on in the evening, as I'm lying down. I've been taking a cough suppressant / expectorant and it is working fine, but last night I kept waking up from coughing.

In between waking up, I had a very odd dream that is -- I *think* -- related to Myeloma.

There was a 20/20 style expose being done on Dr. JB, the guy who is opposed to any transplants. I had been speaking with a person at the MMRF (Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation) as part of a focus group they are doing, so I had spoken about this doctor (and many others) and that may be why he was fresh in my mind. I guess subconsciously I must think his approach is wrong.

Anyhow, he lived in a very nice house out in the countryside. This was all seen first-person from the point-of-view of the 20/20 guy. They went to his door. He came out, stooped over at a 90 degree angle to the ground, with a wide-brimmed hat. It didn't really look like the actual doctor, but I knew it was him.

The 20/20 guy kept hammering him with questions, and JB would either mumble completely inaudibly in response, or just pretend not to hear, all the while shuffling towards the gate at the front of his large woodsy front yard where the street was. The 20/20 guy was right at his side, following along.

When they got to the gate, JB suddenly stood up straight and screamed "GET HIM, BUBBA!!!!" whereupon two dogs came out of nowhere and started tearing the 20/20 guy to shreds. One dog looked something like a cross between an Irish setter and a werewolf, while the other dog was either a Scottish terrier or a schnauzer. BB is German so I'll assume the latter.

Cut to: I am working on a computer, having heard of the tragic demise of the 20/20 reporter. There is a website dedicated to his work, and he has a link entitled "here is the article I was going to print -- if you're reading this it's because I'm dead." So I clicked on it.

Turned out the expose on JB was that he owed some restaurant supply company $29.60. I was just about to read more when I coughed myself awake.

So...anybody care to interpret that?


  1. My expert interpretation: #1: THE DILAUDID IS
    And #2. When you start having dreams that contain the word "bubba", you have been hanging out in Arkansas WAYYYYY too long!

  2. My interpretation: the moral of the story is this is what not to do when a bird sh#@s on your car...

  3. I think that you've been watching way too much tv... Stephen King sort of cross between Cudjo and Reality in Arkansas... but also that you subconsciously feel that the Jb character isn't being completely forthright in some way and that when push comes to shove, he will do all he can to keep covering up stuff. It is important to remember that everything - everything!! - is based on commercial gain. If it cannot show a profit, what is the point? That, unfortunately, includes medicine. It is a business and the 20/20 reporter part of your dream points that out... nothing personal; it's just bizniz. You're in the commercial world yourself, and so your subconscious is just trying to figger out how all the pieces fit together... but doing it when you've got a chemical soup at work probably only makes it seem like a Salvador Dali picture... you know, riding bicycles while on a train and wrapping a green snake around your little finger sort of thing... yikes!

  4. Nick, your posts are hysterical.
    I laugh out loud so often that Fred comes into the room saying, "are you reading Nick's blog?" and then I read it to him.
    So funny! I love your sense of humor anyway, but to be so sharp with it in the face of this funkiness is real proof of your strength and determination. Love it. Keep on keepin' on, mah bruthah. xo

  5. Congratulations, your dreams are even weirder than mine. :) (and that's potentially good...)

  6. I think you feel guilty because you neglected to pay some Korean restaurant bill and it's coming back to haunt you.

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