Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Well, DAMMIT...finger problems

No sooner did I post my previous update than I got a call from the dermatology clinic at UAMS.  Very likely that my finger biopsy revealed a squamous carcinoma that needs to be removed with some urgency.

Unlikely that this will spread, and unlikely that I will need the Ronnie Lott treatment.  Nonetheless, unsettling.

Here's a frightening abstract from 2007:

Squamous cell carcinoma arising from the nail bed is not common. This condition can be easily misdiagnosed, especially if there is preceding trauma. We present here a case of squamous cell carcinoma of the right thumb in a 70 year-old man. The distal phalanx and part of the proximal phalanx were also involved. We performed a disarticulation of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the right thumb. The wound healed well. If an early diagnosis is made, then Moh's micrographic surgery or wide local excision with the use of a local flap could be advocated. In late stages, amputation or disarticulation is the treatment of choice.

I'm VERY happy the UAMS people diagnosed this relatively early.  Once again, they are vigilant.   The whole late stage thing above is VERY disconcerting.

In contrast, I'm not very happy with my LA dermatologist right now.  Revlimid didn't help but the cause of this was the trauma from his treatment.


Was hoping I would only have to beat cancer once, but the disease continues to foolishly pick on the wrong guy.


  1. A little scary, but clearly you are on top of it and intending you are connecting with the best qualified team to get this taken care of promptly...

  2. Geez, Nick. Prayers and good thoughts sent your way for an excellent outcome. You've been through enough already!

  3. Found your blog recently... You, Sir, are a great (and strong) human being.
    Hope everything turn out for the best.
    Sending positive thoughts your way across the Ocean (from Lisboa, Portugal).


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