Monday, January 4, 2010

Immunofixation negative still...but what about the shoulder?

Okay, so I managed to PRY out of the people at GD's office that my test as of 12/22 was still immunofixation negative, so that's good.

So what's with the faint dull pain in the shoulder? Could this be bone healing? God I hope so! We'll see how things go.

I head back there tomorrow (GD's office) for my weekly infusion. The nice nurse Denise who has gotten good at port access and hasn't hurt me is moving on, unfortunately. So I am now in the hands of her peers. Hopefully they are good at not inflicting pain!! :)


  1. Hey Nick,
    Tim had something like this a while back. In his case, it turned out to be bursitis and tendonitis. It was pretty painful for awhile but that's all the MRI showed and it did resolve after some time. He felt pretty significant pain every time he lifted his arm up and could not throw
    a ball. I was just glad it was not a rotator cuff tear that would need surgery.

  2. Nick,

    Hopefully your pain is from just rockin' out too hard at practice with that guitar strap pulling down on your left shoulder. Hopefully it's something as simple as that. Take it easy buddy. Save it for the show!

  3. Hey Nick,

    Glad to hear the results were negative. The shoulder is a little concerning, and should certainly be checked thoroughly, BUT consider this: If you weren't undergoing myeloma treatment, would you really be that concerned about it or just think "ah, must've slept in an awkward position" or "gee, guess I pulled something" and thought nothing more of it.

    The myeloma definitely complicates things, obviously, but I wouldn't freak out too could just be one of those 40-something pains we get (my right shoulder was hurting for about a week over Christmas), or as you said, wonderful healing aches!! :-) Have it checked, but don't stress too much about it. :-)

    Sounds like you had a great NYE, and I'm glad that you're starting 2010 in a better place than '09 (me, too...I was glad to see that year LEAVE!!). Love the great pic of your lovely family...I hope you all have a fantastic year full of (as you--and King's X--put it) faith, hope, and love!! :-)

    Happy New Year!!