Sunday, May 31, 2009

Transplant B, Day +4: Whites hanging on

Another uneventful day in the infusion center. White counts are around 1, which means tomorrow should be a full-blown crash just like last time. Hemoglobin is at 11.1, which is higher than before, and seems to indicate that I won't need a blood transfusion, which is good. Platelets fell to 32 today, which means I will probably need a bag tomorrow.

Electrolytes were in good shape, so no potassium infuser is needed. CRP is at 11 and change, which is (I think) to be expected given the struggle of my marrow to start making blood. I've also got a nasty rash from the treatment which looks like severe acne on my neck. I'm told this will go away on its own, but it looks gnarly and is likely responsible for part of the CRP increase.

I'll head back tomorrow for more of the same. No tumor marker data yet -- probably won't get that until Thursday or possibly Saturday but I'll be keeping an eye peeled for it!

Be well everybody.

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