Monday, April 13, 2009

Day + 4: I am strong like bull...or am I?

So today was a good day. Other than being exhausted and continued GI issues, I felt pretty good.

They took labs. It was peripheral (arm) blood draw day, which I vetoed. I'm just tired of being poked, prodded, stabbed, etc. They relented immediately and took blood from the central line...which of course makes me think they don't REALLY need to take it from the arm. Anyhow...

My labs come back. My white count is up! 2.6! Not even neutropenic! My platelets are low, at 70, but all the chemistry is normal. Could I really have been neutropenic for one day? Am I really rebounding? Am I, as some crazed Turkish wrestler would say, "strong like bull?"

No, says the APN (which somehow stands for "merciless witch", as well as "head nurse in charge"). She claims the white count is the result of the growth factor, and tomorrow I will come crashing down. Oh well. It was a pleasant 5 minute dream. I'm in for another 10 days of neutropenia, she says, and who am I to argue?

Still, I'll try to break that record.

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  1. Four out of Five doctors agree that the ability to quote The Iron Sheik is a definite sign of recovery.