Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day +3 / Happy Easter!

Yesterday was a non-event, marked by exhaustion and depleting white cells (about 1.3...not quite neutropenic). We waited over two hours for labs but other than tedium, things were okay.

Today is more of the exhaustion. The weather is horribly gloomy skies, thunderstorms...hardly Easter-like. I'm sure I am now neutropenic and we'll head to the hospital shortly for the daily blood-letting and whatever alchemical remedies they want to apply to me (my money is on more potassium and maybe some magnesium).

Cabin fever is becoming a concern, but otherwise hanging in. We miss the kids today even more than usual. But each day is closer to the end. The back pain is gone, so I know the tumor activity in my spine is reduced or eliminated. I'm eager to see my IgG and M-spike in a couple of weeks...

Anyhow, more news as it merits. Thanks again for the encouragement, all!


  1. Just recently started following your blog ... hoping for a better day tomorrow.

  2. Nick, it all sounds like such great news, overall. No back pain!? Amazing. Thinking of you and praying for you all, daily. xo!

  3. Here's a little ditty to hum when you are feeling like you want to make something happen and the time clock seems to have stopped (Use your own tune...) "Every good little cell is healthy and well, all the nasty MM cells have all gone to ...." (that place that burns)...
    hope this gave you a smile...

  4. Happy Easter my friend. We're glad to read that things are going well.

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