Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chemical breakfast...

About to head over for the Velcade after finishing my first breakfast in anticipation of treatment.


1. One bowl raisin bran with skim milk

2. One water

3. One 200mg tablet of Fluconazole (not an Italian dessert, but anti-fungal medication)

4. One 500mg horsepill of Levofloxacin (antibiotic)

5. One 400mg tablet of Acyclovir (antiviral medication)

6. One 40mg tablet of Pantopazole (again, not an Italian chicken preparation (Pollo Alla Pantopazole) but antinausea)

7. One 75mg tablet of Oseltamivir, aka Tamiflu (flu prevention)

Funny...I had heard that a seven course meal in Arkansas consists of an Armadillo and a six-pack. Turns out it's much more involved in creating an immune system. They'll be taking my real one away starting very soon, so they're building it up while they're killing it off.

I've got a pretty bad cold right now. The meds above should obliterate it in quick order, I think!

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  1. Hey Nick. Great to hear your updates -- although just seeing Adriamycin in your list of chemo drugs almost made me barf. That's the one I hated most. Of course though my doctors say it's the one to thank the most in terms of how much it kicks cancer's butt. Anyway I'm so sorry you have to go through this. On the CIGNA front can the rest of us do anything? Maybe we can start a twitter storm about how STUPID they are? Can't hurt I suppose. Well I appreciate the updates and will call soon. Big hugs to you and Jill. XOXO, Amy