Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bone marrow confirmation

Just got a call from CS (Caleb Sumthin-or-other) who is BB's Physician's Assistant. My insurance wants more tests run before they will approve treatment. Apparently they need an X-ray of my jaw and to run a PSA test. Okay. Whatever. Hopefully I can do this at Dr. SH's offices in Beverly Hills on Friday but the schedule is getting pretty snug now.

I also need to get my hair cut. My stylist and I discussed this and he said he advises his clients going through chemo or radiation to get a close-cut hairdo that is still a bit more stylish than a simple buzz-cut. It's less depressing to have short hair fall out than to have hair that's 2-3 inches long come out in clumps. Sounds right. But time's a wastin'!

Oh...I almost forgot the important news. The chromosomal analysis of the tumor cells is the exact same as the bone marrow sample. That is, no chromosome 1 abnormalities, no second clone, no weirdness. This validates the gene array that BB did and overturns the weird results coming out of Cedars.

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  1. OOOOH, NEW HAIRCUT! Just don't do what Kayne did, Nick...it's just not good for anyone. Feel better!!!