Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Side effect run down, and some thanks

Not in that order.

I want to thank those who are following my blog and those who are taking the time to post comments and/or email me. I've been contacted by people from all over the world, some of whom have myeloma, some of whom have relatives with it, some of whom are dealing with other cancers or have relatives that are. Every one of these people, and of course our family and friends following this blog, is special to me -- they have been quick to share, encourage, and support and it does make a difference. Thank you all very much.

I have more good days than bad, but I'm trying to be pretty unvarnished here so if I complain now and then, please understand I'm just being true to what I'm feeling.

Now then.

The side-effect derby. I'm trying to get this all nailed so I can speak with BB about them individually. I'm also only including the side-effects I'm most concerned about (i.e. nausea and hairloss are not that big a deal, but going deaf is).

Velcade - peripheral neuropathy, seems to be dose-dependent and typically goes away

Thalidomide - very long-term and/or permanent peripheral neuropathy that takes years to heal if ever

Dex - cataracts, but that's not the end of the world

Cisplatin - hearing loss and kidney failure (wheeeeee!!!!)

Doxyrubicin - very bad cardio effects, particularly once cumulative dose rises above 550 mg/m2

Cytoxin - late-term acute leukemia (wheeeee--uuuugh I'm dead)

Etoposide - late-term acute leukemia

Revlimid - excess toejam and bellybutton lint

Okay, so I'm doing my best to keep the humor up. Revlimid has no such side effect that I'm aware of. 5% chance of peripheral neuropathy seems pretty manageable.

I will post more after my consult with BD, which I'm anticipating to be a barrel of laughs. : \

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