Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ruh roh, Raggy.

Who knew that there would exist such a perfect and pithy phrase, courtesy of a show about a talking dog and featuring a beatnik / yippie -- voiced by Casey Kasem, no less -- who shared an interest in what was an obvious metaphor for pot brownies (really, you're going to tell me a Scooby snack is anything else?), to convey my sense of dread?

Long story short, just returned from weekly Velcade. Platelets are in the 120s which isn't great. PSA appears normal although it is higher than zero, which my friend Dr. BM will probably tell me is a bad sign.

The real issue, though, is the data back from the immunofixation test, which reads as follows. "A faint IGG (lambda) monoclonal immunoglobulin is detected."

My head tells me that this is either test noise or only part of the picture (if there are other bands then we have an oligoclonal situation which is a positive sign). My head tells me that I wouldn't attain CR and then lose it six weeks later while the affects of my two transplants are still within 100 days. My head tells me a lot of things.

My heart, on the other hand, is quite concerned.

I have faxed all of the lab information to the irrepressible BJ, BB's chief of staff, and I'm awaiting the good doctor's thoughts on it.

I will obviously post the news as soon as I have any. Please keep your prayers and positive thoughts coming -- this has to just be a meaningless little hiccup...anything more and it's not a good situation.

All I can say right now is "zoinks, Scoob."

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