Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday: The Chemical Wedding

It got up this morning early, still exhausted from the doping the day before. If I can just make it through a couple of cycles of dex I can hopefully get past this horrible back pain.

We made it over to for the bone marrow. What with the holes in my neck, sedation was easy. I didn't feel a thing. I woke up and was pretty groggy -- but after about 45 minutes in recovery they decided I was okay to go over to the infusion center. Our schedule arrival time there was 11AM but we were there at 2:10! So I called the psychiatrist I'm scheduled to meet with at 2:30 for 4PM (knowing that would probably be a pipe dream). We figured I was out of the woods for nausea so we took 10 4mg tablets of dexamethasone. I feel neither irresponsibly rage-filled nor physically impressive. Phhhfft. Another mass media hype-job!

By the time they called us back, I needed a liter of something to combat my uric acid (now 11.3) and to bring down calclium (that was by a nasty subsutaneous injection). The good news is they thing the heightened kidney activity is a side effect of cancer cells rupturing and dumping calcium and uric acid in the blood stream. The Kidney's need help with that.

I also got another Velcade push, a shot in the belly (this one didn't hurt as much) for reducing risk of blood clots, and the final glory, being hooked up to the Platinum, Adriacycin, Cytoxin and Etoposide. Poison running through my veins, as Alice Cooper once sang.

I needed a bit more antinausea to combat all this so we've added a new pill, Ragazan or Ranmanazz or Rasputin -- can't remember which. Anyhow I'm support to take two pills per dose, four doses per day. And then cap it off with Thalidomide before I go to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Should be, in theory! :)


  1. Hi, Nick

    I'm trying to get caught up've got a lot going on! I hope your port (catheter) makes life easier. Please, don't EVER back down or let yourself get bullied by the medicos. You deserve to have every question answered to your satisfaction. You deserve to have all your options presented. (Hmm... I feel a manifesto coming on.)

    And I agree, it's such a frustrating system here, having to fight our health insurance company for the care and treatment of our choice, when we've been paying those #@!! premiums for years. I hope you can find someone on your treatment team, as I did, who is skilled at duking it out with the insurance companies. It's like a bad John Grisham novel. But I've succeeded twice in reversing denials.

    I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope your road smooths out soon. Best wishes.

  2. Wow, Nick! Your body is a crazy cocktail of chemical-y goodness! I admit to smiling in a rage-filled, seething schadenfreude towards your cancer cells. Can't wait until you're feeling better and are back at home!