Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The lost Tuesday...

Yesterday was a blur. I went to the clinic to get something prescribed for my back, to pick up the thalidomide and tamiflu prescriptions, to get something strong for antinausea, and to have labs drawn. Then we went home around 2PM and I crashed. Woke up at 8PM, did Monday's blog entry, tried to watch a bit of TV and gave up around 10PM, went back to bed.

Up at 7AM today, pain in the back has spread and it remains very difficult for me to stay focused, type a sentence without fumbling over words, etc. Hopefully these are lingering side effects of something I don't need any more of...dunno.

I *do* know that today, I have another bone marrow pull, a small one, and they've already got a hole in my neck to sedate me. Hopefully it will go very, very smoothly with no barfing. I also hope that the oxycontin I'm taking actually works because my back is killing me. Then I'll go to the infusion center for more daily labs.

Hopefully, I won't be wiped out and can write more later.

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  1. When you feel better, (if you haven't read it already) you might want to read Andre's blog ( from the beginning - but start at the most recent one... he's free of MM cells (!!) - and I pray you will have the same outcome. But reading his journey may be encouragement for you to get through the tougher days - just don't read it on those days!!