Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The worst thing about this, by the way... that now people need to scroll down to see that sweet photo of Jack Elam.  :)


  1. OK, I was not gonna mention this but the truth is my gynecologist has eyes that go in 2 different directions though he does not resemble that actor in any other way!!! When I am in that most embaressing position for my check-ups, I wonder if he gets less of an ideal
    view with only one eye focused in or is he actually seeing 2 of everything??!!!!!! It's
    still embaressing as hell but trying not to crack up laughing while I am thinking these crazy things takes the edge off. If he does see double, I guess we're lucky he caught the right one when he delivered our daughter!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing that!

    I'm overdue for an email to you...will remedy that this evening. Hope you and Tim are doing great!

  3. My Boston Terrier looks like Doctor Nikolas Van Helsing. We're getting a Pug and naming it Marty, for Marty Feldman.