Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bone pain and something of a bummer...

The pain in my back is better and certainly has improved since the golf round, but the pain in my ribs is more persistent now. I'm concerned that I will have to start treatment soon. There were things I wanted to do but this is a disease of inconvenience in many ways.

I'm vacillating between taking advil versus not doing it so I'm cognizant of what hurts, but I'm going to yield to the advil pretty soon.

Upon reading more of Dr. BB's writing, I'm afraid the mild-sounding regiment that I went through with Dr. SF the other day is the "lite" version that he is going to explore in upcoming trials. I don't want the "lite" version as while it will have reduced toxicity, it may also not work as well. So that means I may need to have double the induction therapy that I had seen, which I suppose isn't the end of the world but it's a bummer because I'd taken the fairly manageable doses as a good sign. I'm particularly concerned about staying on high-dose dexamethasone for more than one cycle -- the more I read about the drug (including higher treatment-related mortality rates on it) the more disconcerted I am.

Anyhow, they can't all be good days. Tomorrow I need to tackle long-term disability insurance, ensuring my trip to BB is covered by insurance, and putting together a trust for the kids.


  1. Check with your doc about ibuprofen products
    like advil. Most MM'ers are told to use tylenol
    instead. Ibuprofen can affect your platelets
    and is not good for your kidneys.

  2. Nick, prayers are coming your way from Texas. You WILL beat this thing! Like I told Diane the other day, "Nick is so smart, he will invent the cure if he has to." Hang tough brother.

  3. I just started reading your blog not long ago - found it accidentally when looking for some new info abt MM, which i also have. At the age of almost 29 only... But, to the point, i read it as the date order goes, so currently I'm "here". My doctors also advised me not to take anything containing ibuprofen-mostly because it makes the blood more "runny" and due to its possible not too good effects on kidneys, which at this point you most likely know perfectly, are extremely important while fighting this disease. If you don't mind, I can keep posting my own experiences relating to your posts, maybe it will be of any help to anyone, since as I already know thx to my experience - everyone reacts differently to the same meds, even the disease is still the same... Best regards!