Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Ropathy

Well, this stinks.

Three years into therapy I'd never had more than a tiny tingling in my toes.  This would go away nearly as soon as it came, so I figured I was just lucky.  I had told BB about this and he surmised that some people are physiologically disposed to neuropathy, while others are not.  So when I had a little bit in my feet, I figured it would go away, and all would be well.

Well, I've got it pretty bad in my fingers today and it's terrible.

I had noticed trouble in my right thumb after the surgery to remove the carcinoma on my right index finger.  The doctor thought it was a dressing wrapped too tight that impinged a nerve.  Even then, though, it felt a little numb but not painful.

Yesterday, I banged my thumb against a large binder on my desk.  It hurt last night but even then, I assumed it was just sore from banging it.

Now, both thumbs actively hurt and I can't use a remote control for fear of too much pain.  Both index fingers are the same.  The rest of the hands are okay for the moment, so I know it's the one nerve in each hand that affects both the thumb and forefinger.

This is very's actually quite painful.

We'll see how this goes.


  1. Start taking B12 sublingual... I take it morning and evening for PN in my feet due to something other than MM and it is reducing the sensitivity a lot. I hope it gives you some good results, too....

  2. Oh, Nick!

    Dom suffers from horrid hand cramps from time to time. This sounds goofy, but when he takes a couple of swallows of CIDER VINEGAR, the cramps cease within moments. (dunno if it shocks the hell out of his system, or what!). He now keeps vinegar in his car..... Just a thought, honey.

  3. h!..My husband has just been diagnosed with MM :( i whis you could tell me more about this