Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sad news about Geraldine Ferraro...

A sober reminder of how horrible this disease is.  She was quite a fighter -- living with this for 12 years.  She outlasted the odds available to her at that time.  But it's also a sobering reminder of how one can only control this disease for so long.

Here's hoping that in celebrating her life and honoring her passing with dignity, some attention can be focused on this disease and new treatments developed, hopefully leading to a cure that's a bit less intensive than the one hopefully offered through tandem transplants.

For now, I remain humbled by my good fortune in finding a doctor and a protocol in whom and in which I believe, respectively.  And I remain thankful for you good people, and for the favorable impact my therapy has had on me thus far.


  1. Well said Nick! Keep up the good work.

  2. Your post resonates with all of us with MM. Significant progress has been made on the treatment of this terrible disease in the last ten years. Unfortunately for Ms. Ferraro drugs like Revlimid were not availablle in 1998. Thank you again for your blog and today's post.

  3. It's been a bad week for fellow travelers. In addition to Geraldine, Dr. Jim Tamkin, who was the first myeloma patient to take me under his wing and walk me through what to expect, passed away last week. Sobering.