Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two things to be nervous about...

I am typing this from a stretcher about to be rolled in for the bone marrow.

You gotta love how good Arkansas is about getting patients their data. I looked at the PET scan results. Largest lesion remains in my right hip at 3.5 cm. I seem to recall that is unchanged from last time, which is disappointing. Plus the SUV for my L5 vertebrae went from 1.3 to 1.6. Hopefully this is just noise and neither figure is indicative of cancer but I like numbers to go down, not up.

Second nerves-inducing moment was overhearing the bone marrow nurses. I am to be the first attempt by one of them. Things like "if you do that, then you will just need to make another hole."

Let's not do that, okay?

And while you are at it, keep your voices down or have these conversations out of earshot!


  1. Nick...

    I can remember giving my first shots and doing my first IV's... Probably the best ones I ever did. Students really focus. Hopefully all went well.


  2. But I agree that it is disconcerting to the patient to hear things like "Oh, Shit... I shouldn't have done that...." or "I told you that wouldn't work doing it that way..."

    As I have been on both ends - delivering and receiving of care - I can attest to the value of whispering or having a discussion out of earshot.

    Waiting to hear how it all went...