Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A bit calmer some perspective!

Thanks for the words of support in response to yesterday's little bump in the road.

Having thought about it a bit, of course I wanted to never see any trace of anything wrong with me ever again, and I believe I'll get there, but I'm not there yet.  Pretty simple logic: if I had no myeloma cells left in my body, what would be the purpose of maintenance therapy?  BB knows this, hence the VRD that I'm on for at least another 28 months.   If, in fact, this was a busted up piece of a monoclonal protein that wandered into the bloodstream, it's evidence of the need to continue maintenance, and it will get obliterated by the cocktail that I'm on, along with whatever cell created it.  I will stick with the program, then!  Onward!

Now the failure of my doctor to get me my labs is another story.  My friend Sean, whom I met during transplants in Little Rock and whose unfailing good spirits and positivity are quite inspiring, noted that he goes to an infusion center that is not manned by a hematologist and they follow BB's orders to the letter.  They draw blood, call Arkansas to confirm the counts and get approval for the velcade infusion, send the blood to Arkansas for further analysis and administer the velcade.  That sounds like a good solution!  Perhaps I will seek one of those places out.

By the way, Sean maintains a blog here.

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