Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quick update

Chest cold is finally starting to resolve. My white count yesterday was at 4 -- a measly 4. That's basically below normal, and this in response to a lot of crud going on with me. So the Revlimid and Velcade are definitely leaving a mark, so to speak. Because GD's office doesn't do CRP, I can't cross reference white count against actual activity that should be driving it, so it may be that 4.0 isn't that big a deal and the real issue with me getting these colds is the low IgG (around 570 still, versus normal range of 700-1400 and my incredulous peak of 16,000!!!!! (over 90% of which was crappy monoclonal cancer).

As for the thrush, I'm rising my mouth with this hideous rotten tang called Nysantril or something like that. The docs here will know. I was swallowing it but then I realized the thrush is only in my mouth, so I'm rising around and spitting it out which makes it about 30% less awful. I have no idea if it is gone or not...will need to see the doctor soon on renewing my Lipitor (which is how this whole journey started in October of 2008). But I'm nearly finished.

Current plan is to try to get IVIG (which really, it seems to me, is IvIgG but whatever) next Tuesday. However I am so busy at work I haven't even had time to try to set up the appointment! In fact I've already delegated that to PinnacleCare, who are awesome, but I don't even have time to call them back!!

Work work work...


  1. Nick,
    Thanks for the good wishes you posted on my blog. Of course, I wish you the same. I read, with great admiration, your return to work and hope that in a few months I am dealing with that issue as well. As for your thrush and as you know, the medications didn't work for me. I saw a chinese doctor who told me that the problem orginated in the gut--most likely caused by all the antibiotics and chemo that I'd had. He put me on some herbs that seemed to work but had to be discontinued when I went on revlimid. Although it's much better, I still have a white coating on my tongue that gets better, then worse, etc. I've found that eating yogurt and taking probiotics helps a bit.'ll like this--red wine seems to clear up the tongue temporarily. Now, knock out those colds and stay healthy. Best to you, Jill and the family.

  2. Hey..with all this stuff you and Dan are going through...Maybe I'll just skip this M/M thing and go back to the way I was!!! Easy for me to smoldering... I wish both of you well and keep the post coming.